A SWOT Analysis of Your Valentine

You’ve met the perfect man. He’s tall, dark and handsome. The perfect, cozy Valentine’s Day location is in place. Roses and a box of chocolates so large that even Forrest Gump’s eyes would widen valentines-day-dateare waiting for you as you sit at the quaint rendezvous point.

Full of life and sweet nothings to say, you think you’ve found the one. Of course you may think that he is perfect, but what is he really hiding under that mushy, gushy memorabilia? This is where I encourage you to do what all great PR practitioners do when needing to analyze an organization: perform a SWOT analysis.

What does a SWOT analysis have to do with your man, you ask? My answer is: everything. This analysis will let you take a step back and look at your man as a whole. Anyone practicing public relations will tell you that a SWOT analysis that is executed well will decide the internal and external negative and positive things about an organization. The same applies to your valentine.

Conducting a SWOT analysis will help you decide if this one’s a keeper or a sweeper (someone you sweep under the rug because he’s not good enough for you). Sure he can tell you how beautiful you are, but does he thoroughly wash between his toes when he showers? These are the things you need to know. With my help, you will examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your valentine. Let’s get started.


You can’t look at the negatives without thinking of all the positives. It’s important to know the strengths of
your man in order to know what he does right. These traits serve as his basic character. He needs to know who he is and who he wants to be. The strengths he has will provide the groundwork necessary to mold him into the person he will become.

  • Can he cook? I’m not talking about macaroni and cheese; I mean cook dishes like lamb, pork man-cookloin and lobster.
  • Is he clean? Cleanliness is a must.
  • Does he make you laugh a snort-and-howl-like-the-kraken laugh?
  • Is he ambitious and hungry for success?

These are the strengths you want to see.


The best part about being a girl is being able to see any and all flaws in a guy. Put those detective skills to use and become a Shrill-ock Holmes. Pointing out weaknesses may be mean, but these characteristics will limit your valentine and drive you crazy. It’s best to assess now to ensure success.

  • Does he use a Kleenex when he picks his nose?
  • Is his phone usage nonstop?
  • Is he unoriginal with pet names such as, “Sugar pie honey bun” or “My brown-eyed girl”?
  • Does he act differently in front of you compared to when he is around his friends?

Weaknesses could mean red flags you’ll want to avoid. Check out an article the Huffington Post created called “10 Signs He’s Bound To Be Your Future Ex-Boyfriend” here!


Strengths and weaknesses are the internal factors about your man. However, opportunities and threats look at the external factors surrounding your valentine. Opportunities provide an opening for growth. When looking at opportunities, you need to be aware of the future and what you want out of life.

  • Does his major provide abundant career options?
  • Is his family a big part of his life?
  • Does his family have a ski lodge in Deer Valley, Utah, that you can use in the future?
  • Will he volunteer in community outreach programs or does he not care about serving others?

Opportunities allow us to look toward outward future goals in a positive manner.


The last pieces to the love-puzzle are threats. Threats are external conditions that can harm your relationship and undermine everything that you two have built together.

  • Does your valentine have a hoard of exes that could pop up at the most inopportune times?
  • Could one of them crawl back into his life?
  • Does his work have the potential to negatively effect your life?
  • Does he value his mother’s opinion an unhealthy amount, but his mother hates you?

Potential threats like these can provide an unstable relationship environment and should help you decide if he’s the one or not.

Now that I’ve showed you how to perform a proper SWOT analysis of your valentine, don’t have a quiet meal full of love and girlish smiles. Don’t be this girl:

Pull out a notepad and pen and get to work!


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