Mallory Wears Prada: How one Auburn student worked New York Fashion Week

When Apparel Design major Mallory See heard the news that she’d be the New York Fashion Week Internmallory at IMG, she could hardly believe it! Not having a single connection at IMG, the announcement surprised her completely.

mallory-target-loungeMallory first caught wind of the internship through faculty in the College of Human Sciences and thought she might give it a try.

“We submitted our resume to IMG and exec faculty in the College of Human Sciences. They then chose one design student and one merchandising student, Erica Barnhill. Next, Erica and I packed our bags and were on a plane to NYFW!” Mallory said.

She’s welcome with open arms in the Concrete Jungle and has been working non-stop since Sept. 8, making sure everything is in order for the shows.

mallory-the-shop-picFrom merchandising New York Fashion Week’s first ever pop-up shop, The Shop, to setting up night events for sponsors to working at Moynihan Station, the location for many of the shows, Mallory gets the chance to do several different jobs. Seeing so many parts of the week come together is something Mallory won’t forget.

“Fashion week is a crazy time, but IMG has included us in detailed projects where we do more than just the typical intern work,” she said.

Her most memorable moment comes from setting up the ballroom at the Jane Hotel, an old estate turned boutique hotel. Here she helped host the NYFW malory-jane-hotel-partycollaboration with Gemfields event.

“It was really cool to transform the place and see all of the celebrities and guests come in looking amazed,” Mallory said.

Mallory is thankful to Auburn and the Apparel Design/Merchandising faculty for helping her prepare for this internship through real world situations. The support that they show her is unwavering, an act that she doesn’t take for granted. Her advice on preparing for an internship like this one?

mallory-alice-showcase“I always look up the history of the company and look to see if there have been any recent mergers. I also look up employees of the company. I like to stay current on the different plans for each fashion house and just general news on Fashion Week,” Mallory said.

The amount of famous people she sees is through the roof: celebrities, athletes, bloggers; you name it and they’re there.

“We haven’t been able to interact with them because of work but we have been inches away from them! We’ve seen Victoria’s Secret models, Miss Universe, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Sophia Bush (for those One Tree Hill lovers), Tim Gunn, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and my favorite, Giuliana Rancic.”mallory-set-of-fashion-police

Though the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week concluded on Sept. 16, Mallory is quick to say she’d go back in a heartbeat.

“Oh absolutely! IMG is a wonderful company to work for and I love the fast pace and creative inspiration that creates Fashion Week.”

Miranda Priestly from the Devil Wears Prada called, Mallory, and she says to meet in her office immediately.




(Photos provided by Mallory See)

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