Elizabeth Earles, smile, Auburn


ELizabeth Earles, smile, Auburn

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Elizabeth Earles, laugh, Auburn

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Building strong relationships with people is something I believe in. Cultivating relationships is crucial in both a personal and professional life. As a person who thrives on getting to know people, I enjoy connecting with others. My agreeable nature and engaging personality allow me to enthusiastically branch out and learn about any situation or community in which I am placed. I quickly find a common thread with people and can connect with them on an intimate level. My experiences have opened my eyes to new, exciting cultures. Though I have much to learn, I am eager to develop new relationships and get to know anyone.


Giving it 110 percent, I face any project with a courageous gumption that enables me to get things done. My strong work ethic has prepared me for any challenge that is set before me. I am always determined to accomplish the task. I am efficient and conscientious, never wasting the precious time I have. The commitment and diligence I give to a task is something I love doing. Additionally, serving others while making the most of my time is an important aspect of my life. As the first line in the Auburn Creed states, "...I believe in work, hard work."


Positivity is my most defining attribute. Being a bright light in a dark room can make all of the difference, and I strive to be that light. The optimism with which I face each day is something that I am proud of. I wouldn't want to be any other way. There’s no room for failing negativity in this life, and I strive to live the best one I can. Tackling every day with a positive mind allows for joy and happiness to enter my life. Life is precious and what better way to spend it than with a smile on my face and an upbeat attitude?